Feel good

Feel good area

Small but nice – and therefore so cozy – is our sauna area. Here you can relax with a view of the greenery and unwind your soul.

External guests also have the possibility to use our sauna. For this, our 10er card is just right – also a nice gift idea Due to the current situation in the field of energy supply, we are striving to use resources as sparingly as possible. Therefore, the sauna will be open only on request from 5 pm.


Massages can be both ENT acceleration (of your everyday life) or acceleration (of your recovery process) in equal measure. Find the right type of massage for your needs here.

Our masseuse Heike Schlüter is a trained holistic health and wellness practitioner. This training combines qualifications in massage practice, nutritional counseling and relaxation therapy. 2019
Heike acquired at the chamfering college Hamburg the permission as chamfering cure chief. If you would like to learn more about Heike Schlüter and her work, please feel free to visit her homepage www.heikeschlueter.de.

Our masseuse uses various massage techniques – choose the right offer for your health. Heike Schlüter is available for you in our office from Tuesday to Friday. you can enjoy her soothing and invigorating massages, you can make an appointment directly with her on 0162/2815008 already before your arrival or talk to us on site and we will take care of

Would you like to relax and unwind?

We recommend a 60 minutes full body massage with gentle, soothing
touches Upon request, we will be happy to incorporate grip techniques that loosen typical problem areas such as the back.
Energy balancing 60 minutes: 60 euros

If this is not enough for you, we recommend the 90-minute massage“Hawaiian dream”– Heike’s interpretation of the Hawaiian temple massage Lomi Lomi Nui. Doused with lots of warm oil, repetitive slow strokes from head to toe will bring you to a deep state of total deceleration. In doing so, let go of the old and welcome the new into your life!
Energy balancing 90 minutes: 110 euros

Do you want to release tense tissues and relieve existing pain?
Depending on the initial situation, releasing applications are recommended here, which include deeper grip techniques into the tense tissue. If we concentrate on the back, the massages vary depending on the focus of the problem. If necessary, the massage also incorporates grips from the Breuß intervertebral disc massage.
Energy balancing 40 minutes: 40 euros

In the case of chronic tension, it usually makes sense to take a look at the body as a whole and loosen the fasciae. This massage extends over at least two sessions (1st session lower body, 2nd session upper body). Here, a therapy wax is used as a maximum, as this is the only way to work deeper into the tissue. This application – depending on the intensity of the adhesions – can be experienced as painful. Afterwards, clients often describe a significant improvement in their mobility.
Energy balancing 60 minutes: 65 euros

Soothing and stimulating at the same time is experienced foot reflexology massage. By influencing the reflex zones on the foot and splint bone, impulses can be given in a gentle way to the energy field of the entire body.
Energy balancing 50 minutes: 50 euros

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